A personal brand

Royal Unibrew was launching a series of craft beers paying homage to the brewer Ludvig Theodor Schiøtz who founded the Albani Brewery in Odense in 1859.

We wanted to create a brand identity that could convey the story of Schiøtz as a person and explain why he plays an important role in Danish brewing history.

In his time Ludvig Theodor Schiøtz was a colourful and distinct personality. He was a skilled brewer but also an educated pharmacist and a botanist who loved nature. With his characteristic big beard, top hat and sharp opinions Schiøtz was what we would today call a personal brand.

Thus the conceptual universe was created around Schiøtz’ character and legacy. From the beer recipes to the hand drawn key visual and the small stories used all over the brand identity.


  • Visual brand identity
  • Logo and fonts
  • Packaging design
  • POS and advertising
  • Brand activation
  • Website
  • Social media