A fresh breath for the Freshmaker

To increase market share Mentos wanted to create awareness about their chewing gum.

Our approach was to design a re-launch of Mentos on social media, build a strong instore presence and meet consumers at eye level through relevant and surprising activations. We wanted to associate the Mentos brand with great experiences and build a bridge between physical and digital to expand these experiences.

We started by getting to know the brand’s audience through content differentiation and kick-started Mentos on Facebook with the purpose of re-engaging existing followers and motivating new followers through relevant and relatable content. To do something a bit different, we created a microsite with an online quiz that was promoted instore and linked the audience to Mentos social media.

In-store we brought new life to Mentos with visually appealing, interesting and simple executions to ensure clear messaging. During the first year we have activated stores, venues, concerts and offices across Denmark with samplings and competitio


  • Campaign concept
  • Social media
  • Content development
  • Community management
  • Microsite
  • In-store activation