Packaging Redesign

Since its launch in 2005, Carlsberg's special beer brand Jacobsen has been the market leader in Denmark. But the beer market has changed, and today there are approx. 200 Danish breweries, which in 2018 launched over 1,800 new beers. The new competition had left Jacobsen with a slightly dusty image.

There was a need to relaunch Jacobsen with a completely new visual style and identity. The recognizable core of the Jacobsen bottle, the logo and J.C. Jacobsen's profile had to be maintained but needed a modern expression. Together with Carlsberg's experts, the idea arose that taste can also be expressed with shapes and colors. Each beer was analyzed by a sensorist, and the result was converted into a distinctive pattern.


  • Squares are bitter tasting with limited sweetness
  • Circles are soft and sweet flavors
  • Triangles are bitter tasting or sour and tangy notes

The labels combine the three basic shapes with colors, so the patterns tell about the aroma and taste of the beer. In future, Danish beer drinkers will be able to taste the beer by looking at the label. Almost.


  • Idea and concept
  • Visual brand identity
  • Logo and fonts
  • Packaging design