A new product was born

Rynkeby wanted to increase brand equity among its Horeca customers and revitalize the overall brand image externally and internally.    

Our approach was to think beyond traditional solutions and create something truly different. To come up with something that would help turn people's presumptions upside-down and make them rethink the Rynkeby brand. 

As part of Rynkeby's team we created the first alcohol free alternative to wine for gourmet restaurant visitors. The need for alcohol free alternatives where the taste and mouthfeel match that of wine is growing. Dagmar is based on all natural ingredients - fruits, berries, juices, herbs and spices - and developed to be a drink that can replace wine when you are enjoying good food at gourmet restaurants. With Dagmar Rynkeby raises the bar and shows that even a big market leader company can think small and be a firstmover.


  • Idea and concept
  • Visual brand identity
  • Logo and fonts
  • Packaging design
  • Product launch
  • Website