12-meter bar

Carlsberg was in new territory in Odense and wanted to mark themselves as a committed partner for the Arkaden Food Market. Carlsberg was responsible for selling drinks with a bar at the "Torvepladsen" - an elongated room of approx. 250 m2 with over 10 meters to the ceiling. The size of the room and the decor invited to think big. So that is what we did.

The 12-meter bar has not got its name because it is 12 meters long (it is though). The name refers to the historic Odense, which is just outside the arcade and is represented on the back wall of the bar. Odense then consisted of narrow streets, but Vestergade was 12 meters wide, so that two horse carriages could pass each other.

With its name and design, the bar ties together the past and present and connects the Carlsberg brand to the city. And in that way, it gives guests in the Arcade Food Market something interesting to talk abou


  • Concept and design
  • On site construction