11 December 2017

Have you met our Client & Business Director, Allan Aagaard?

By Montdor

What do you do in Montdor?

I am a Client & Business Director, so my job is all about making my clients happy and safe, advising them and getting their projects led from A to Z. I also have the responsibility for Team 3 and the six Montdorians in the team. Additionally, I am jointly responsible for the future of Montdor i.e. the development of the agency and the direction we plan to move in.

Describe Montdor in three words

Development, creativity and ambitions.

Who are your clients in Montdor?

One of our big clients in Team 3 is Arla Riberhus, whom we have worked with for about 4 years now. Hummel is another big client, and we primarily help them with offbeat concepts and thoughts when the brand wants to meet the consumer eye to eye. Lastly, we also work with Carlsberg, more specifically their craft beer brands, mainly Grimbergen and Jacobsen.

Where is Montdor heading?

When I started at Montdor, I discovered that I hadn’t just gotten a job; I had embarked on a journey. And this is what I think makes it a very exciting place to work! We are ambitious and constantly strive to be better and at the same time focus on developing each team member.

What is your most dominant feature?

Overview: I have the memory of an elephant.

Favorite food?

Well, I am from Jutland, so I have a weakness for sausage mix (Pølsemix in Danish).

What is a perfect evening for you?

A perfect evening for me is either an evening on the sofa with Netflix or an evening with friends, vodka/Red Bull and loads of 80's and 90's music. Obviously, I have already bought the ticket for "We Love the 90’s" party in May 2018.

Which character traits do you dislike the most in other people?

Superiority and arrogance.