06 March 2017

Family Day at Montdor

By Julie Drewsen

As a part of Team 4 in Montdor I have a huge passion for creating great experiences for our clients that build brand equity and identity. Among other responsibilities such as managing and planning projects, I worked together with Dion Guldbjerg, Founder of Montdor and Lera Markouskaya another valued team member in our team, to create, plan and coordinate one of Montdor’s most important events of the year: Family Day.


As Dion explained in his blog entry earlier this year, family and friends are the biggest influencers on how we act as teammates and colleagues. Therefore, we want them to become an even greater part of our community. Shortly after the new year we started to plan Family Day. Lera and I dedicated our time as we would if it was any other client we were to execute an event for.

Since their support is enormously important to us, we wanted to give our family and friends an insight into and an understanding of our atypical workplace. It was important to show them that their support is as much a part of Montdor’s success as we are as employees. Furthermore, we wanted to give them a glimpse of our everyday life here at Montdor, why we do what we do and why Montdor is important to us.


So this Saturday we opened the doors to 150 of our closest friends and family who came by for a fun, inspiring and instructive day at Montdor. Instead of a seminar explaining what we do, we created creative workshops with activities where people in all ages could understand the processes each team goes through. We established 6 different workshops: Branding, Experiential, Digital, Retail, Fabrication & Production and Colorful staff. Each workshop consisted of two ‘Montdorians’ who made activities that gave our family and friends an idea about how to create an experience-based event, how to develop a concept, how to create a video production and showed them our experiential instore marketing solutions. Furthermore, everyone had the opportunity to try a lot of fun activities such as Virtual Reality, tastings of muffins in our Lurpak cart and try to be brand ambassador for a day.


The event exceeded our expectations and we had such a wonderful day. As Dion says; “Family is extremely important to me, so I am glad to say that Family Day was a huge success. We got very positive feedback from our family and friends, we had a great day together, and this event is very likely to become a tradition.”

So, thank you to everyone who stopped by.