01 May 2017

From Brief to Execution together with Erdinger

By Lera Markouskaya

Remember me? A little while ago I did an Instagram takeover of Montdor’s official Instagram profile and I hope you guys followed along. The takeover gave an insight into my everyday life as a Montdorian. That week was extra special for me because the big Erdinger Execution was just about to take place. For those of you who missed my takeover, you can still enter Montdor’s Instagram profile and read this blog post.


In Montdor, I am a part of Team 4, which consists of Astrid Renkwitz Bruun, Julie Drewsen, Nina Nordstøm Rye, Sabine Now Bæch and myself. Officially, I carry the title ‘Project Coordinator’, which entails various work tasks, such as being a part of the first steps of a campaign, concept development for our brands and coordinating events and executions. As soon as the concept is established, my job is to make it work, for better or worse. This includes finding the right solutions and elements, so that the idea and concept work in an experiential execution. This also includes making a budget and making sure that we stay true to that budget.

Just before the New Year, in late December 2016, our client, Erdinger, came to us with a request. Erdinger wanted to create higher brand awareness on their product, in a fun and memorable way at bars. The idea started with an experience for those who did not have the chance to take a ski trip this season. 

With the brief in mind and knowing where Erdinger wanted to execute the campaign geographically, we started to brainstorm on a fun way to include people at the chosen bars.

The whole team sat together and started to brainstorm on how we could create an experience which could create higher brand awareness for the brand. We wanted to create a fun party with a touch and feeling of a ski trip. As a team, we came up with up with two ideas. One was a wall that had a function of a snowball fight, where you would throw a snowball at the wall and the wall would throw a snowball back at you – some snowballs containing a prize, some without. The second idea was a photo booth shaped like a ski lift, which would be set up at different bars around the country. Bar guests would be able to get a voucher and could then enter the ski lift and take fun pictures together to capture the evening.


Together we decided to go for the second idea with the ski lift photo booth and distributed assignments between us. Julie and I gathered prices of all the elements to the setup and figured out how we could build the lift and what kind of material to use. We involved our production and fabrication department, who recommended suppliers and a solution for the construction of the lift. We bought a small snow cannon, created a ski landscape of snow-covered mountains for roll-ups, bought ski goggles and authentic ski hats for our brand ambassadors and photo booth guests to wear at the execution. Little by little it all come together and we had a full ski environment. Astrid put the last touches on the budget and handled all contact with our client. While Nina and Sabine worked on all the graphic design for the execution. I coordinated the execution, took care of the environment around the execution and made sure everything went as planned. In other words – I was the hands-on member of the team.


After months of planning, we had the very first execution at Zwei Grosse Bier Bar in Skive on February 24th, 2017. I joined our brand ambassadors for the first event and together we built the setting with the ski lift photo booth, snow canons and roll-ups on location. The execution went very well, and guests at Zwei Grosse Bier bar really enjoyed our photo booth as a new and different experience for them. It was a surprise element and the guests could take something memorable home with them after a fun night out. Many of Zwei Grosse’s regulars had never tasted Erdinger before, so not only did they get to try the product for the first time; they also got to engage in a positive experience.